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Apr 5, 2012
@ 11:18 pm
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Naked Yoga

This NAKED YOGA video got me so hard!

I can’t imagine being in one of those classes (there’s a lot of them in NYC) without having a hard-on the whole time.

Besides a full erection, I would probably have another “issue” (comment afterwards***): I already sweat a lot on my regular yoga class, with clothes on. It must get really slippery with no absorbent cloth.

***: My erection and my sweating would only be a problem if 1) no one else in the class gets a hard-on, and 2) if I fall because of the sweat.

In other circumstances, I wouldn’t mind sweating and having a hard-on, or having other men with erection and soaking wet around me. That’s actually all I ask for.

What about you guys? Send me your thoughts on naked yoga.

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